5+ Best Blenders of 2020

Types of Blenders

Blenders have become an important part of most modern kitchens, making food preparation easier, allowing you to easily cream soups, and giving you the ability to prepare everything from healthy juices all the way to homemade baby food. In recent times, we have seen the design of blenders change – companies have started to develop unique types of blenders to provide a more convenient functionality to the users. 

Different Types of Blenders

Before deciding to invest in a blender, it might be a good idea to educate yourself on the specific types of blenders that are currently available on the market. While some of the blender types can provide similar functions, there are certain functions that can only be provided by specific types of kitchen blenders. For this reason, it is important to know which particular type of blender you would need in order to make your job in the kitchen faster and easier. 

The most common types of kitchen blenders that you are going to find available online and in local stores include:

  • Jug Blender: Sometimes also called a blender jug instead, this is probably the most popular type of blender that people tend to opt for when they are looking to buy one of these products. This is a fairly simple blender that includes a jug that is equipped with blades at the bottom. The blades are built into the jug. In other blenders, there is a socket where blades are attached – this type of jug blender will allow you to switch to different blades. 
  • Personal Blender: A personal blender is often a more portable option that consists of a blade and a cup. This type of blender often comes in a wireless option with a built-in battery. This is a very convenient option for preparing a single cup of juice, for example. It can also be a good option for quickly blending up a small batch of baby food. This is not, however, an ideal option for cooking in the kitchen in most cases, as the cup is usually relatively small and cannot take a lot of ingredients at a time. 
  • Hand (or Immersion) Blender: A hand blender may sometimes be confused with a personal blender, but, in reality, these are not the same. A hand blender is also called a stick blender. They are not attached to a jug, cup, or another type of container, and are used to blend, mix, or puree food items directly in a bowl. Some of these blenders can also be used to blend food directly in a pot, even while the pot is on the stove.

Apart from the three popular options mentioned above, it should be noted that there are also some of these products that are promoted as multifunction blenders. A lot of people are starting to opt for multifunctional blenders, as they often come with multiple attachments and accessories, and can be used for a variety of food-related tasks. Some of these multifunctional blenders can even cook soups, while also allowing you to easily make your own healthy juices at home, process your food, and more. 

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What To Look For When Buying A Blender

There are many different types of blenders to choose from, and then hundreds, if not thousands, of blenders in each of these categories currently on the shelves. Take your search to the internet and you are exposed to an even greater variety of blenders that you can choose from. The fact that there are so many of these products on the market can definitely make it hard to choose one single product that you would like to buy. 

To help make things at least a little bit easier, we are going to share a couple of points that you should consider when you go out to buy a new blender. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice – and you’ll be able to filter through the options that are available to you much, much faster. 

Understand Your Needs And Preferences

First up, you should really understand what your needs are, as well as what you prefer, in terms of a blender. By knowing what you are looking for when you go out to shop for one of these products, it will make the hunt for the perfect kitchen or personal blender significantly easier. Consider the different types of blenders we have mentioned previously and then take into account the advantages that each of these can offer you. This way, you’ll be able to determine which one of these will best suit you. If you are looking for something small to carry around with you, for example, then a personal blender may be a more ideal option compared to a jug blender or a multifunctional blender. 

Know How Much You Are Willing To Spend

You should also go into the process of buying a kitchen blender knowing how much money you are willing to spend – and how much you can actually afford to spend. Some blenders on the market can be very pricey. Your budget will essentially have a role to play in the specific type of blender you will be able to buy. Some blenders, such as personal blenders, tend to be more affordable than jug blenders. The most expensive category of blenders would be the multifunctional options, as they often reach for hundreds of dollars. 

Power Settings

While there are some portable blenders that only come with an on and off switch, many of the modern blenders on the market will provide you with multiple power settings. This allows you to adjust the power of the blender’s blades (speed) according to the food items that you will add to the jug, bowl, or cup. There are many affordable blenders on the market that can provide you with a speed setting that is powerful enough to crush ice and cut through harder food items. 


Don’t forget to overlook the importance of considering the specific functions offered by the kitchen blender that you would like to buy. Some blenders are just that – a blender that allows you to blend certain ingredients together. Others, however, offer more than just a simple blending function. Consider the functions that you will need and make sure the blender you buy can offer you those particular features. 

Ideas for using your new blender

Blenders are useful for preparing food for cooking and, in some cases, even to prepare an entire meal. The specific uses for a blender really depend on the type of blender that you decide to purchase. Generally, all types of blenders can be used for blending foods – perhaps you are interested in making a smoothie for yourself or a healthy fruit juice. You simply add your desired fruit to the blender, along with yogurt or perhaps some ice, and blend. This gives you the ability to have a drink ready in just a minute or two. 

Some multifunctional blenders that are currently available will even allow you to cook up a batch of soup easily. These blenders can be used to combine all of the ingredients that will be added to the soup and then comes with a built-in heating element that can help to heat the ingredients and cook them for you. 

Blenders are often used by parents to prepare homemade baby food as well. This is a major advantage, as the parents are able to know exactly what they are feeding their baby. In addition to pureeing foods for a baby, there are certain types of foods that may be pureed for the purpose of the meal – pumpkin is sometimes pureed, for example, when baking a pumpkin pie. 

A blender can also be used to make certain kinds of batters. Many people use their blenders to prepare waffle or pancake batter, which thoroughly mixes all ingredients for a better taste. It is also possible to make sauces in a blender, as well as condiments, peanut butter, and even milkshakes. 

Another popular use for a kitchen blender would be to make protein shakes – a type of drink that is very popular among those people who enjoy staying fit, building muscles, and even those who are trying to lose some of their excess weight. 

Benefits Of Owning A Blender

A blender can quickly become your best friend in the kitchen, providing you with multiple convenient functions that can certainly make the process of cooking food, preparing soups, and getting food ready for your baby a breeze, compared to having to do everything manually.

Blenders have many advantages to offer you – but there are different types of blenders on the market, so it is important that you understand each type of blender will essentially have its own set of benefits to provide you with. Some blenders are more ideal for specific functions, while others can provide you with an array of functions in a single device. 

When it comes to a personal blender, the primary advantage that you would gain access to is the fact that you can easily take your blender with you wherever you go. In fact, some people even take their personal blender with them to work – along with the ingredients that they would need to prepare a smoothie or fruit juice for themselves. This makes a quick and easy, and potentially healthy, option for filling up when the day is too busy to make something to eat. 

The most convenient advantage that a handheld blender would be able to offer you is the fact that you are able to blend and mix your food in a bowl easily. Buy the right one, and you can even puree, blend, or mix food while the food is still on the stove top. This way, you won’t have to add the food to a special container every time you need to use a blender. 

When we look at multifunctional blenders, you are able to combine the functionality of multiple appliances that you would usually use in the kitchen into one single device. This does not only make this device convenient but also a much more cost-effective option, especially in the long run. Multifunctional blenders can be used to make a large variety of food items – many of the functions cannot be provided by other types of these products. 

Some blenders are also able to provide you with functionality such as the ability to crush ice. This can be great for making smoothies and even iced coffee and tea beverages.